Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dead Tired

Bosley played all day long. He finally collasped....on the couch of course. He's such a bad spoiled dog.
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Seems Murphy may have taken the bone away from Bosley. He's looking mighty proud.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


And he's just a pup!! He kept falling in the lake so we had to put a life jacket on this "little" fella.
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My friends little West Highland TERROR.
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What a beast!
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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I think this is love.....

It's amazing how this big ol' dog disliked this kitty so much that he wanted to kill it and now he loves him so much he has to be where ever he is. Murphy love Bosley too. Bosley is about 85lbs and little Murphy can't even register on the scales yet.

They played so hard together that little Murphy could barley keep his eyes opened. Bosley was exhaused too....and what are they doing on my bed?!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Whoooah....look at the size of that bird!

We have turkey Vultures....those big, nasty birds. They drive Bosley absolutley crazy! He will stand for hours to stare, bark and drool over these nasty birds. I would love to get rid of them...I've tried the bottle neighbors think I'm crazy, but they are so smelly and dirty. You would think they would be afraid of this beast of mine...but noooooo, they come every year and bring their family, their friends even their distant cousins. Then they sit in the trees, with their uglyness and torment my dog. Posted by Picasa

More of the "boys"

Oh the joy of owning a pet....or should I say my pets owning me. I'm such a sucker for them. Bailey, Bosley and Murphy. How could you not love these wonderful creatures? Bosley is like a freight train going thru my home. I know he holds a pound of mud in one paw and somehow, even after I clean his paws it still winds up in the house. Bailey...he just likes to shed red fur. At least every one of them matches my decor. I suppose that's a plus. Murphy....well, he discovered the screens in the windows, he's still a kitten...I'm really glad it is fall...the screens come out. Murphy didn't know they were taken out. It was like a cartoon...he races across the back of the couch, down the floor and bounds towards...what he thought was the screen in the window....all four paws, nails out, and down he screens, just glass, nothing for him to get his claws in to. It was great! If only I had a movie camera to play in slow motion. Hopefully by next spring when the screens go back in, he'll be over the screen fetish he acquired. Hopefully our grass will thicken up enough to keep the pounds of mud out of my house and hopefully by spring that red hair I find everywhere will thin out enough it will be no more. But even if non of those hopefuls come true, it's OK, because there is nothing like the joy of having a pet own you.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Meet Murphy the Cat of all Cats

Murphy...The Cat of all Cats. He was picked up from a rescue center and I'v loved him from day one. Now at 6 months he is the funniest little thing I've ever seen....other than Bosley my beastly dog. This cat is just like a rag doll. He could care less how he's held. He purr is as smooth as a Mercedes. I had a awful time with Bosley when I brought him home...he really wanted to kill him. Now they are the best of buds. If one is missing the other goes looking. Bailey, my read headed dog could care less. Although Murphy loves playing with Bailey's tail. Bosley's tail was docked. I guess it's not much fun playing with a stub.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Murphy.....THE cat of all cats!!

I found him at the shelter. I passed his cage a few times and as I did, he just watched me. I looked and played with several other kittens, but I kept glancing back at him. I walked over to him, opened the cage, held him and he purred like a well oiled machine. He didn't move much, he just laid in my arms and purred. He's the one....he's the mouser I wanted. I hope he gets along with "the boys"...Bosley and Bailey. I'm not sure how many mice he'll catch with a purr like that, but he's just is so darn cute! I brought him home and all hell broke loose. Bosley hates him! He wants to kill him...he actually stalkes him and points at him and is so intense on getting him he shakes in anticipation. From what I read, it will take about a month for the dogs to get use to him. I don't know if the cat could survive that long....but I'm not giving up...he already tugged at my heart. Weeks went by, no improvement. The cat hides in the basement. This really sucks! I finally had enough...went to the pet supply store and bought a remote e-collor. It took one time and it was like Bosley had a light bulb go off in his head...he finally understood...DO NOT KILL THE KITTY! Now....a month later they are the best of buds...sleeping together, chasing each other...yes this little kitten chases this BIG dog around and around the couch. As for little red head...he liked the cat from the get is good.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Dog sitting is NOT like baby sitting

Last week I watched Oliver while his owners wondered off to New York for five days. Oliver is a handsome devil. Oliver is a white West Highland Terror. (no, I did not mispell) That cute bundle of puppy is 7 months old and weighs not even a spit in a bucket and he chased Bosley, my 84 lb GSP around and around and around the couch......for five days!! If Bosley came up to me to get a hug and a rub on the head, that little stink found a way to get in the hug and rub too. They did become fast friends, but oh how funny. I will have to get pictures of the two of them, if they would stand still long enough. I do love the Westies...cute as a button, smart as a whip, and scared of nothing! Next Thursday and Friday I am dog sitting Bosley's brother, Bart. Bart is a bit smaller than Bosley but they do have a good time together. I am praying that it does not rain. With those two huge pups running around out back, my yard will be toast if it rains. I'll grab a few photo's of them so you can see. Between you and me.....I think Bosley is the most handsome, the most smartest, the most loveable....he's just the most...could it be that I'm his Mom? I need a bumper sticker that says "My Pup is the most of everything", or "My Pup passed puppy school" I love my puppers way to much I think. Good thing I have a grandbaby coming in December. My pup will probably learn how to change it's diapers, and get it's bottle, burp it and put it down for a nap. My pup is the most.